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July 28, 2022



Navigating through life requires balance and the human body is no different. To achieve optimal health and wellness, ensuring that your hormones are balanced is essential.


As women age, it is very common for hormones to become imbalanced. In fact, new statistics show that 80% of women are suffering from some form of hormonal imbalances.  The negative effects have a ripple effect throughout the entire body and lead to a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional problems.


Approximately 70% of women who struggle with hormone irregularities go undiagnosed and are unaware of their hormonal imbalances.This is because symptoms may vary in severity and cause a wide range of symptoms that are unique to every individual.


Signs of hormonal imbalance, irregularities, and/or deficiencies in women may include:

·        Unexplained weight gain

·        Fatigue

·        Irritability/ mood swings

·        Hair loss

·        Changes in memory

·        Brainfog and/or decreased cognitive clarity  

·        Poor quality of sleep

·        Trouble concentrating

·        Infertility or irregular periods

·        Low sex drive


While these symptoms are unpleasant to experience at any age, the good news is that there are easy ways to balance your hormones, if done properly. You should seek education, guidance, and/or management from a trusted medical provider who is highly trained and specializes in hormone therapy.  


The BioJust medical team hashelped hundreds of women suffering from symptoms of unbalanced hormones regainbalance and improve vitality with safe, evidence-based care you can trust. Ifyou are suffering from any of the above symptoms, call 504.619.8685 to set up afree consultation or book online here.