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Which diet is best to keep my gut and thyroid happy?

March 28, 2022

Which diet is best to keep my gut and thyroid happy?

The answer is a Paleo-like Diet. Anyone with gut health issues generally benefits from cutting back or eliminating refined/processed carbs, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

The Paleo diet restricts processed foods and encourages youto eat a wide variety of healthy, whole foods. It also decreases inflammation by minimizing your exposure to foods that provoke an immuneresponse. These include sugars, unhealthy fats, chemical additives, and common problem foods like dairy, gluten, and soy.

A paleo-like diet helps balance blood sugar. This diet is much lower in carbs than the standard American diet, as it eliminates or limits grains, beans, and all refined sugars. This results in balanced blood sugar levels.

Keep it simple to start. Develop a simple food list and stick to a basic menu plan. Once you are comfortable with your dietary changes and know the diet works for you, find a good cookbook and start to expand your menu options. Stay close to the Paleo diet guidelines at first, and then adapt slowly to suit your needs. A lot of my patients continue to eat Paleo but may add back rice or some high-fat dairy for more sustainable approach.

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